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How to control negative thoughts – 5 Easy Ways

how to control negative thoughts

How to control negative thoughts is a question that many women ponder especially in midlife. Learning how to control negative thoughts is one of the best tools we can utilize in our life to gain control over the way we feel and the decisions we make. Negative thoughts are literally all around us and if we allow them to rule our life we will never gain true freedom.

How to control negative thoughts is very important because they are literally ruining our chances of achieving success. If you are having difficulty managing your negative mind set then this article will provide some useful information on how to control negative thoughts.

Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success.
Charles F. Glassman

What exactly is a negative thought?

How to control negative thoughts starts with being able to identify them. Negative thought patterns are formed from experiences we’ve had in the past and are unfortunately a natural result of how we process information.

Negative thought patterns are the result of poor self-reflection, exaggerated optimism, pessimism, and stress. When we learn how to change these pessimistic thought patterns we take control over our emotions, attitudes, actions, and thinking patterns.

Negative thoughts simply drain all your energy (and even if have done something constructive) and make you feel like you just can’t cope. No matter how hard you try to avoid falling into this trap, somehow get in it anyway.

Why it is important to learn how to control negative thoughts?

For starters, controlling these thoughts or changing them will lead you to take action to fix what you think caused you to feel this way in the first place. And if you don’t fix them, they might come back to haunt you again. So, how to control your negative thoughts?

Well, for starters, try to be in a relaxed state of mind and try to focus on things that make you happy and calm.

A lot of people find it difficult how to control negative thoughts and emotions when situations arise that make them feel frustrated, angry, anxious, or depressed. When these feelings take control over you, negative thoughts become the new normal for you to start to do things that you really don’t want to do in order to hide your misery and anger from other people.

At this point you are not even thinking straight; you are just responding to the situation as if it were a major threat to your life. Unfortunately, this is when most people start to take time to control their negative thoughts instead of trying to change them.

Learn how to stop negative thoughts

When it comes to how to control negative thoughts, there are a number of ways to fight it off. First off, you must realize that they come from your own mind so you should try your best not to dwell too much on them.

Even if you have a really rotten day, focus on something far more positive and get back to something that is positive. For instance, if you go to work complaining about your boss, a few minutes later, go online and cheer for the boss.

By dwelling on the negative things and thoughts about your job, you make yourself think that there is nothing else you could be doing with your time (which is wrong), that you are absolutely miserable and nothing good could come out of your job (also wrong), and that the next time you go to work, the going will be even worse than this time (also wrong).

Challenge negative thoughts

If you are one of those people who worries that another stressful situation is just around the corner, another way to fight off negative thoughts is to simply plan ahead. If you know that there will be a party, get rid of any reason to be stressed about going to it and plan on when you have some time to relax before your event.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to battle these kinds of stressful situations. Just know that these situations will pass and that they will not affect the outcome of your party or any other important events in your life in general.

Focus on your strengths

The easiest way to control negative thoughts and change negative thought patterns is to focus on your strengths and less on your weaknesses. When we focus on our strengths, we have positive self-talk which helps us to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Conversely when we focus on our weaknesses, we tend to dwell on the problems rather than the solutions.

When someone tells you “don’t worry about those cracks, they’ll heal themselves” and you listen to this advice it usually turns into “I can’t possibly live like that” or “if only I could get my hands on that million-dollar house”. When we focus on our strengths we have more hope and we have more confidence. When we focus on our weaknesses we get discouraged and start to think that it can’t possible be fixed.

Use a Thought Diary

One way to control negative thoughts is to regularly use a thought diary. A thought diary is simply a journal of your thoughts. By writing down your thoughts you will be able to evaluate them objectively. When you have a clear picture of your thought process, you will be better able to recognize the irrationality in your thoughts and to deal with them accordingly.

A thought diary can also help you develop and improve your self image. Many people develop a negative self image because they constantly worry about their thoughts and how they are affecting other people and themselves.

When you are able to identify the irrationality in your thoughts, you will be much more capable of controlling them and turning them around in your mind so they are in line with your objective reality.

Keep positive company

The reason why you tend to have a negative attitude and thoughts is due to the negative impression left by a previous person. This person may have hurt you in some way and as a result you tend to hold bad thoughts about him or her. However, this is not going to help you in any way and instead will make things even worse for yourself.

To be honest, negative thinking doesn’t really solve or let problems get solved. It creates a sense of revenge and spite towards those who have caused you trouble in the past. So, always remember that being realistic is very good but having negative thoughts does not let anything to get better. Instead, it only makes things get worse for you.

To get rid of these negative thoughts, you need to change the way you perceive and think about people around you. You need to start thinking more positively and less negatively. You can always try to create positive people around you and surround yourself with positive people.

By surrounding yourself with such kind of people, you will be able to see and perceive things from their point of view. Once you start thinking in a positive manner, it will become easy to do. Just don’t worry about the people in your company, keep your focus on the work at hand.