Wellbeing Coaching

Holistic approach on how to live well and stay well through balancing the mind, body soul and your environment. I share all of my secrets to staying youthful including: Hair sampling, supplements, meal plans, etc.

Feng Shui Consultation

Learn how to change your energy and your luck with a few simple shifts in your living/working space.

Reconnective Healing (online)

Reconnective healing is similar to Reiki. This is hands-over not hands on healing. I am only a channel in the transfer of energy, light and information directed by the Universe.

Permaculture Design

Turn your lawn into your personal low-maintenance eco-friendly regenerative supermarket. Grow responsibly using permaculture ethics and principles.

Social Permaculture

Learn to live according to permaculture principles in every area of your life.

Sustainability Plan

If you want to live off the grid or save money on your water and electric bill, then I can help you put together a sustainability plan for food, water, energy and waste management.