About Me

about meI have done a variety of things in this lifetime and have no regrets! I guess you can call me a "Renaissance" woman. I am multifaceted and have many interests that are all rooted in being well. I've worked in corporate America for over twenty years in telecommunications and the government in Information Technology. I have also been in real estate as a Property Manager for the last fifteen years.

I felt out of place mainly because I was not able to control or and manage my own time. I made a decision that I wanted to be able to work for myself.  This provides me with the time that I need to take care of myself, make plans for my life and be available for my mother. Working a 9-5 job simply does not provide me with the flexibility that I need. I was able to obtain a property that affords me the ability to create a life that is fulfilling and blessed.

My thought process is grounded in spiritual principles and universal laws. Peace and joy are a priority in my life. I meditate and do agnihotra daily and practice yoga weekly. Everything is energy so after years of feeling like a failure, I started a journey of learning about spirituality and spiritual principles and then got into Feng Shui energy flow. This lead me to learning more about the impact that our environment has on our body as it relates to Geopathic Stress and use dowsing rods to test the energy. I have a keen interest in keeping my energy high and elevating my life path so I learned how to align energy with Reiki, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

I have always been eating well and do a good job of managing my weight. I exercise daily and play golf in season. Every day I am working on my "Dream Body:  I enjoy coaching others on how to get to their healthy weight. 

With all of the shannagins going on with our food, I decided to be a grower so that I know exactly where my food comes from. Volunteering at several gardens has provided food from the ground to my table in less than 24 hours. This also affords me the opportunity to gain more skill while I'm working on a plan to turn urban lawns into edible food forests so that we can heal ourselves and the land.

I completed the requirements for Permaculture Design Course and several other farming related coursework. I am building an intentional community of people who want to live sustainably by growing their own food, reusing water, access to alternative energy and managing waste. Together we will build a model for others who will be well and live life on their own terms.

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